This is our moment.

This time we can defeat the status quo. Here is what sparked my decision to run a second time:

The Crime Reform Bill Issue

Last month, Massachusetts passed a sweeping Crime Reform Bill with strong non-partisan support. Some of the highlights of this new law include provisions that favor diversion programs for veterans and people with mental illness and the elimination of some of the mandatory-minimum sentences for low-level drug offenses. It’s a great start.
To truly move Berkshire County forward, we must have a DA who actively embraces the spirit of the Crime Reform Bill and has a broader vision for reducing crime overall. That’s me.

What I will do as your DA to reduce crime:


Create a diversion program

for our young first-time non-violent offenders. We can do better than just marshal our young people through the court system only to create a criminal record. Diversion programs can be both rehabilitative and punitive but allow that first-time offender to have a second chance at a fresh start.

Use funds seized through drug forfeitures to help heal the community:

Each year, the police and DA’s office seize hundreds of thousands of dollars from drug traffickers. Typically, all of those funds go to enhancing law enforcement. As your DA, I will ensure that a portion of those funds will be to:

  1. Help create a community center in Pittsfield
  2. Support the addiction treatment centers in our community so that more space is available for in-patient treatment for addiction.

Letter: Knight most well-rounded candidate for Berkshire DA

To the editor: There are three essential criteria to use when deciding on whom to vote for in the upcoming election for Berkshire County district attorney: extensive experience in both trial and defense law before the court(s); significant experience managing people...

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